Savory Love
Savory Love
Bringing Food Home

This site is dedicated to helping people make good food; in every sense of the word. Our recipes strive to be seasonal, mostly healthy, inspiring, and freakishly delicious, all presented with a little tongue and cheek. We try not to take ourselves too seriously. Seriously.

Savory Love is the work of Jon Wash and Nate Garvison, a couple living in Portland, Oregon. Like so many people who eat (you know who you are), food was one of the biggest things that brought us together. We share a passionate love for savory flavors above all else, and one day we felt the need to finally impose our views on eating and cooking on the general public. So, what did we do? It is the Information Age, after all, so we started a blog together. I (Jon) usually end up writing while Nate usually ends up taking most of the beautiful photographs you’ll see here.

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